Outstanding Facilities


海角社区 and Acacia campuses offer outstanding learning environments for students and teachers, having undergone an extensive renewal program.

Surrounded by extensive gardens and grounds including:

  • a Junior Village of modern dedicated Year 7, 8 and 9 buildings
  • a Senior Village dedicated to supporting senior students
  • STEM Centres on both campuses
  • an Arts Learning Area
  • dedicated Performing Arts centres and gymnasiums
  • healthy food canteens
  • leafy grounds and gardens
  • iPads for Year 7 to聽9, Netbooks for Years 10聽to 12, and
  • video conferencing, iPads and specialist Technology labs.

Community Centre

The Chandler Community Centre at 海角社区 College is located at the Acacia Campus. It is used extensively during evenings and weekends for a variety of sports and events.

Acacia Campus
28 Isaac Road, 海角社区, 3173 (03 9798 1877)

The Community Centre consists of a large gymnasium suitable for functions or sporting activities; a 235-seat theatre with tiered seating, a servery style kitchen and a fully carpeted foyer.

The gymnasium has tables and chairs for up to 400 people.

The theatre includes a 24-channel sound mixer and a 24-channel lighting controller, a large dressing room and a large backstage area.

Resource Centres

The Resource Centres provide an invaluable knowledge and research facility for parents and students with an outstanding collection of ebooks, newspapers, magazines, graphics, novels, picture books and a range of equipment to assist students with their studies.

Each campus has two Resource Centres, located in the Senior and Junior Villages. The College Resource Centres are open before and after school, and during break time.

They host integrated study lessons, book clubs, study clubs, and a variety of extracurricular cub activities. There are regular activities, competitions, and games.


Each campus has a canteen, which supplies students with a wide range of healthy food at competitive prices. Students can order their lunch and have it ready at lunchtime collection.

Canteen Pricelist (pdf)

Online Ordering (pdf)

Music Centre

Instrumental music is a priority for the College. Dedicated instrumental music rooms, are provided on both campuses and all Year 7 students learn a musical instrument and have the opportunity to continue their musical studies to Year 12.

The College is able to provide students with instruments in Year 7, and in later years students pay a nominal fee that covers instrumental hire and tuition. Students are encouraged to be part of the College Band.

Find out more about our outstanding music program


Junior Villages

The Junior Villages consist of two modern purposely-designed buildings catering for students in Year 7 to Year 9.

Construction was completed during 2011, providing each year level with their own dedicated space.

The features of the buildings include flexible teaching spaces, outstanding access to technology, bright, airy and pleasant learning environments, and environmentally sustainable design.

Senior Villages

The Senior Villages offer a more adult environment for learners in Years 10 to 12. The Senior Resource Centres are located within the buildings, providing more access to independent study and learning within a modern, purposefully-designed and sustainable environment.

STEM Centre

The College has dedicated STEM Centres, located at both campuses. Our vision is to further develop the facilities to become a centre of excellence in the study of sciences.

Food Technology

Food technology and hospitality are catered for within an industrial standard hospitality kitchen at the 海角社区 Campus. All students in both the Acacia and 海角社区 campuses have access to hospitality courses.

Physical Education and Sporting Facilities

Both campuses have gymnasiums, which feature weight lifting, Olympic-sized basketball courts, AFL and soccer fields, and tennis and volleyball courts.


For more information about an education at 海角社区 Secondary College view the sections Co-curricular and Curriculum

Chinese Language and Culture Exploratorium

The Chinese Language and Culture Exploratorium, located at 海角社区 Campus is dedicated to investigating Chinese culture and language through the use of the latest multimedia tools.
The number of students studying Chinese language is growing, but all students benefit from the Chinese Exploratorium because it enhances student understanding of Chinese culture and language.

A Confucius Classroom, involves leading cultural and language programs and a sister school in Shanghai.